Cory Evan Wright

About Cory

Who I am:

I’m a web developer and designer with an MIS degree from USF.
I’m 30 and live in South Florida with my better half.

What I do:

I make websites for the fine people at Jarden Consumer Solutions, whose brands include Mr. Coffee, Crock-Pot, and Sunbeam. I also make photographs and music, try to travel often, and have a healthy obsession with indie video games.
I love my wife, family, friends, dogs, cats, and life. I love comma separated lists of things, but have only recently become a fan of the Oxford Comma.
I live for interaction, conversation, and timeless experiences.

Where to find me:

You can get in touch with me via CoryEvan {at}, or check out my:

That's all I've got – thanks for stopping by!